Webley Group — Clean Energy Laboratory

The Clean Energy Laboratory focuses on cutting edge research aimed at improving the sustainability of chemical and physical processing in the energy industry.

Our goals are to understand the fundamental science of energy and to exploit this knowledge to develop applied technology for more efficient processing and energy production. Currently, our focus is development and characterisation of nanomaterials for efficient gas and liquid processing, gas and liquid separation technology, carbon capture, carbon dioxide utilisation, natural gas processing, biofuels from algae and advanced energy storage analysis and development.

We are from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering within the Melbourne School of Engineering and are located on the 4th floor of the School of Chemistry.

Research Interests and Projects

Technology related to production of clean energy, adsorption science and engineering, biofuels production, thermodynamics and energy storage.

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Details of our staff and research higher degree students.

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A list of our most recent publications.

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Facilities and Resources

We have a range of analytical and process instrumentation and tools for materials characterisation and process development.

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Future Researchers

Prospective PhD and Post-doctoral fellows are welcome to contact us for upcoming projects.

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Contact Us

Professor Paul A. Webley



Congratulations to Willie Tang on successfully defending his thesis “Low Cost Oxygen production by Pressure Swing Adsorption With Oxygen Selective Adsorbents”. 

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