Tissue Engineering Group



Dr Phong Tran

Dr Antje Daehler, CSL

Dr Dewi Go, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore

Dr Gwynneth Rice, Beca

Dr Helena Hadisaputra

Dr Hong Yu, IP Australia

Dr Jenny Kisler, Worksafe

Dr Mehdi Nasiri Sarvi, Department of MiningĀ Eng, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Dr Millie Wan, Norman Disney & Young

Dr Sasha Boskovic, Rio Tinto; Huntsman Performance Products

Dr Sue Ann Lim

Dr Tan Chor Sing, GE Healthcare

Dr Tristan Croll, Faculty of Health, School of Biomedical Sciences, QUT

Truong Son Nguyen

Dr Widodo Ratanachaithong

Dr Yang Cao

Tissue Engineering and Nanoporous Materials Group staff photographed in September 2013