Research scholarships

The Summer Research Experience Program (SREP) is a 10–12 week (nominally December to February) summer research program offered to Engineering and Science students in the final year of their Bachelor or penultimate year of their Master degree*.

This involves students undertaking research activity in the Department of Chemical Engineering to gain valuable research and laboratory experience. Successful applicants are expected to commence in early December. Students will be paid a nominal amount upon completion of the program.

SREP project listing for 2016–2017

This program does not replace or provide academic credit for any subjects.

  • Eligibility criteria
    • High-scoring students (H1 level equivalent)
    • Those students in the Melbourne Model pathway must have completed their final year of a Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering Systems or Science degree
    • *Those students who began their study at the University of Melbourne in the Engineering Masters stream must have studied at the University of Melbourne for at least one year.
  • How to apply

    Applications are closed.

    If you meet the eligibility criteria, please complete the following steps to apply:

    1. Write a single page application letter including all of the following information:
      • Student number
      • Student email address
      • Current postal address
      • Phone number
      • Your top three project preferences
      • Why you are interested in undertaking the program
    2. Email this letter to from your student email account.

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