ARC Dairy Innovation Hub

The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub brings together three of Australia’s leading dairy research groups – University of Melbourne, University of Queensland and Dairy Innovation Australia Limited (DIAL) – in a five-year research program co-funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC). The Hub was established in early 2014, following receipt of a grant of $5 million from the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program in May 2013. The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub was one of the first ITRP grants awarded nationally.

The Hub has been structured to address some of the major dairy research and technical challenges that DIAL and its member companies have identified as constraints to business growth and productivity in the dairy manufacturing sector. The Hub program comprises six integrated, strategic research themes, employing innovative science and engineering approaches to address the technical challenges for the dairy manufacturing industry.

Under the leadership of the Hub Director, Associate Professor Sally Gras (UoM), theme leaders from UoM and UQ are taking responsibility for projects in their specialist areas. Over the five years, ten postdoctoral fellows, graduate research assistants as well as at least three PhD students will join the teams. Each project involves multiple investigators from each of the three research groups leveraging synergies between research teams. International collaboration will provide access to skills and technologies developed overseas to achieve the Hub’s objectives.

DIAL's member companies representing 70% of Australia’s milk production are co-investing in the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub via their contributions to DIAL. Working together through the Hub’s Industry Advisory Committee, chaired by DIAL’s CEO Dr Lesley MacLeod, dairy processors will contribute direction to research projects, will participate in on-site case studies and where appropriate provide product for analysis making this an industry focussed Hub. The $5 million dollar industry investment is leveraged by the $5 million ARC investment and cash contributions and in-kind contributions from UoM and UQ delivering a total budget of $12 million to the research program over 5 years.

Below are a set of downloadable PDF documents that outline the Hub and each of the themes.

ARC Hub - Milk Streams ARC Hub - Milk Streams (387 KB)

ARC Hub - Overview ARC Hub Overview (325 KB)

ARC Hub - Biocontrol ARC Hub - Biocontrol (529 KB)

ARC Hub - Food Quality ARC Hub - Food Quality (563 KB)

ARC Hub - Ingredient Innovation ARC Hub - Ingredient Innovation (534 KB)

ARC Hub - Microstructure ARC Hub - Microstructure (658 KB)

ARC Hub - Process Innovation ARC Hub - Process Innovation (517 KB)