Professor Amanda Ellis

  • Room: Level: 03 Room: 3.21a
  • Building: Chemical Engineering #1
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • (DNA nanotechnology)
  • (Drinking water treatment)
  • (Membranes and biofilms)
  • (Microarray analysis)
  • (Polymers)
  • Design and chemical modification of 2D and 3D surfaces (Graphene and carbon nanotubes)

Recent publications

  1. Gan S, Zakaria S, Chia CH, Chen RS, Ellis A, Kaco H. Highly porous regenerated cellulose hydrogel and aerogel prepared from hydrothermal synthesized cellulose carbamate. PLOS ONE. Public Library of Science. 2017, Vol. 12, Issue 3.
  2. Fenati RA, Connolly AR, Ellis A. Single nucleotide polymorphism discrimination with and without an ethidium bromide intercalator. Analytica Chimica Acta. Elsevier Science. 2017, Vol. 954.
  3. Connolly AR, Hirani R, Ellis A, Trau M. A DNA Circuit for IsomiR Detection. ChemBioChem. Wiley-VCH. 2016, Vol. 17, Issue 22.
  4. Jamieson T, Ellis A, Khodakov DA, Balzano S, Hemraj DA, Leterme SC. Bacterial production of transparent exopolymer particles during static and laboratory-based cross-flow experiments. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology. 2016, Vol. 2, Issue 2.
  5. Thompson VC, Adamson PJ, Dilag J, Uswatte Uswatte Liyanage DB, Srikantharajah K, Blok A, Ellis A, Gordon DL, KÖper I. Biocompatible anti-microbial coatings for urinary catheters. RSC Advances. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2016, Vol. 6, Issue 58.
  6. Larsen LJ, Shearer CJ, Ellis A, Shapter JG. Optimization and Doping of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Silicon Solar Cells. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. American Chemical Society. 2016, Vol. 120, Issue 29.
  7. Ben-David J, Stapleton AJ, Gibson CT, Sharma A, Gentle AR, Lewis DA, Ellis A. Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):polystyrene sulfonate-free silver nanowire/single walled carbon nanotube transparent electrodes using graphene oxide. Thin Solid Films. Elsevier Science. 2016, Vol. 616.
  8. Bou S, Ellis A, Ebara M. Synthetic stimuli-responsive 'smart' fibers. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. Current Biology. 2016, Vol. 39.
  9. Leterme SC, Le Lan C, Hemraj DA, Ellis A. The impact of diatoms on the biofouling of seawater reverse osmosis membranes in a model cross-flow system. Desalination. Elsevier BV. 2016, Vol. 392.
  10. Ginic-Markovic M, Barclay T, Constantopoulos KT, Al-Ghamdi T, Blok A, Markovic E, Ellis A. A versatile approach to grafting biofouling resistant coatings from polymeric membrane surfaces using an adhesive macroinitiator. RSC Advances. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2015, Vol. 5, Issue 77.
  11. Le Lan C, Ellis A, Jamieson T, Blok AJ, Hemraj DA, Allais L, Balzano S, Leterme SC. Analysis of raw and pre-treated seawater for potential biofouling precursors. Desalination. Elsevier BV. 2015, Vol. 373.
  12. Thredgold LD, Ellis A, Lenehan CE. Direct detection of histamine in fish flesh using microchip electrophoresis with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection. Analytical Methods. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2015, Vol. 7, Issue 5.
  13. Sierke JK, Ellis A. High purity synthesis of a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane modified with an antibacterial. Inorganic Chemistry Communications. Elsevier BV. 2015, Vol. 60.
  14. Dilag J, Kobus H, Yu Y, Gibson CT, Ellis A. Non-toxic luminescent carbon dot/poly(dimethylacrylamide) nanocomposite reagent for latent fingermark detection synthesized via surface initiated reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization. Polymer International. John Wiley & Sons. 2015, Vol. 64, Issue 7.
  15. Stapleton AJ, Yambem S, Johns AH, Gibson CT, Shearer CJ, Ellis A, Shapter JG, Andersson GG, Quinton JS, Burn PL, Meredith P, Lewis DA. Pathway to high throughput, low cost indium-free transparent electrodes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Royal Society of Chemistry. 2015, Vol. 3, Issue 26.

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