Bumblebee account registration

Equipment booking

How To access the Bumblebee system

If you want to use the equipment on this list you must book your time on the Bumblebee calendar.

Fees are charged to cover equipment running costs and maintenance.

Equipment pricelist
(Login required)

You must have a Bumblebee account which includes the equipment you want to use before you are trained or have any access to the equipment.

Step 1

Before you begin using a Bumblebee instrument you must meet with the Instrument Supervisor to discuss the feasibility of your proposed experiments and arrange appropriate training.

Step 2

You must receive permission from your supervisor to pay for the cost of training and instrument usage.

Step 3

Some laboratories require that you are given a laboratory induction before you are allowed access to that instrument; you must allow time for the induction.

Please also note: Some training is organised externally to the Department so you must allow plenty of time before you can expect to start your experiments.

Step 4

Register for Bumblebee use. You must provide all the information requested on the form. Download the form:

Download: Access Application Form pdf

Step 5

This form can be completed electronically or in hard copy. Your supervisor and the instrument supervisor/s must sign the form or email their approval to Michelle de Silva ().

Step 6

Log into Bumblebee

Step 7

Click on the piece of equipment you would like to use.

Step 8

Book your times on the equipment using your “training” project. First time users must be trained by the instrument supervisor.

Please note for Caruso Equipment: Your first booking appointment will be done by the instrument supervisor.

Step 9

After you have been trained, you can make your bookings yourself using your standard project.

Step 10

If you need to delete your booking you need to contact the instrument supervisor in the first instance, Michelle de Silva, , can help if the instrument supervisor is away.

  • Unused bookings that are not deleted will be charged for.
  • Users who consistently do not use their equipment bookings will be warned that they will be charged for restricting the use of the instrument by other users.
  • Do not book instrument usage time for other people or your group will be charged for their usage. If a person is not registered on the system help them to register, do not book time in your name.