Research Students

Other students supervised by Dr Gras

Former Members

Dr Kevany Soodam

Dr Suryani Tan

Dr Beth Sawyer (Postdoctoral Fellow, Perrett Group, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China)

Dr Aaron Gosling (Program Manager, Gardiner Foundation)

Dr Wade Mosse (Engineer, Melbourne Water)

Dr Merran Koppens (Scientist, Mimotopes)

Zhenyu Shi (Scientist, Synthenome)

Dewi Go

Michael Roberts (Engineer, Santos Ltd)

Patrick Edvardsson (Engineer, Lyma Kemiteknik AB, Sweden)

Johan Alftrén (PhD student, Technical University of Denmark)

Dhivya Puri (PhD student, United Kingdom)

Ali Abghari (PhD student, University of Idaho, USA)

Upulie Divisekera (Research Assistant, Peter Mac Institute)

Hanh Nguyen