Gras Research Group

Our group works on a broad range of bioengineering research problems from the nano to the large scale.

Our work is multi-disciplinary and staff and students have training in the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and food science. Our research spans fundamental problems through to applied research that aims to translate research findings to a range of industries.

We are from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering within the Melbourne School of Engineering and are located at the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute.


Details of our staff and research higher degree students.

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A list of our most recent publications.

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Prospective Researchers

We welcome inquiries from prospective students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

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Our Research Interests

Bioengineering and the Environment

We are applying bioengineering skills to a range of environmental problems, such as foaming in wastewater treatment. We are also applying synthetic biology for environmental sensing.

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Dairy/Food Science and Engineering

What makes a good Cheddar cheese crumble? What makes buffalo milk products different? What happens to cheese as it ages and how do our gut bacteria respond to the foods we eat? These are all questions we are seeking to answer using platform technologies.

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Proteins and Materials Science

We are interested in the development of new materials for a range of applications. These materials include advanced polymeric materials that deliver anti-inflammatory peptides for tissue engineering or drugs for the treatment of cancer.

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Contact Us

Assoc Prof Sally Gras