Geopolymer and Mineral Processing Group

About the Group

The Geopolymer and Mineral Processing Group is an internationally acknowledged leader in the study of the formation, molecular structure, and performance properties of novel advanced geopolymeric materials, and in the development of unconventional technology for precious metal extraction.

Our History

The Geopolymer and Mineral Processing Group (GMPG) was founded byProfessor Jannie van Deventer, who continues to work with us as Honorary Professorial Fellow. From 2007 to mid 2012 the group was managed by Professor John L. Provis (currently at University of Sheffield) who contributed in a significant way to the activities and development of GMPG, and who continues to participate at a high level in our activities in an honorary capacity. Between 2001 to mid 2012 Dr Dingwu Feng as Senior Research Fellow contributed substantially to our activities, especially in mineral processing. Dr Susan Bernal (currently at University of Sheffield) was a Research Fellow in the GMPG from late 2010 to late 2012 and continues to contribute substantially to our research on geopolymerisation. Dr Claire White (currently at Los Alamos National Laboratory) who completed her PhD in GMPG continues to contribute to our activities, especially in advanced modelling and beamline techniques.

GMPG is currently managed by Dr Rackel San Nicolas (Research Fellow) and she is assisted by Dr Laura Gordon (Research Fellow).

Research Interests

The fundamental research interests of GMPG include the following areas:

Collaborations and Partnerships

Members of the group undertake active multidisciplinary collaborations with Zeobond Pty. Ltd. and other industrial partners, academic institutions around Australia and internationally including China, Malaysia, USA, Colombia, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Norway, South Africa and Ukraine, and with various Departments within the University of Melbourne. We also work actively in consulting projects in materials science, chemical engineering and hydrometallurgy.

The research activities of the group are primarily funded by industrial projects and by competitive grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC). GMPG forms part of the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre, a Special Research Centre of the Australian Research Council, and contributes significantly to the research outcomes of this Centre. We also collaborate with the CO2CRC on carbon dioxide reduction issues, and are involved in the Geopolymer Alliance.

Contact Us

Enquiries regarding consulting projects in the above or related areas are always welcome. We offer professional-quality service and top-level scientific and engineering advice at competitive prices.

If you would like to enquire about our expertise and capabilities, please email:

Dr Rackel San Nicolas

Professor Jannie van Deventer

Contact Us

Dr Rackel San Nicolas

T: +61 3 8344 9572
F: +61 3 8344 4153

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Building 2
The University of Melbourne VIC 3010

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